Music Video

Working with an international musician, Gothic Zen is proud to be producing a highly creative music video for a popular pop song.

Involvement: Director, Producer, Script Development, Camera 1, Camera 2, Editor


Promotional Films

Gothic Zen Studios is currently working with multiple businesses & creatives to produce their short promotional films.

Involvement: Director, Producer, Camera 1, Camera 2, Audio, Editor


Book Trailer

Promoting the author's recent release novel is the goal of this audiovisual creation. In true Gothic Zen style, this production will ditch the traditional, snooze-worthy book trailer vibe by incorporating original concepts, filming and a script.

Involvement: Director, Producer, Camera 1, Camera 2, Drone, Sound Recording


Book Publishing

In 2017, Gothic Zen Studios officially became publishers after being involved with the release a long form book. This year, there are more authors in line to work with us, and some of the Gothic Zen crew are also penning their own literary creations.

Involvement: Editing, Formatting (ebook and paperback), Book Cover Design, Screenwriter


Script Development

Gothic Zen Studios is passionate about screenwriting and has multiple scripts in the development phase. We're most excited about a script that is being adapted from an existential genre novel.

Involvement: Screenwriter