Q: What is a Book Trailer?

A: A book trailer is a short video that promotes the release of your book. Its fundamental purpose is to connect with viewer's emotions and persuade them to purchase your book.


Q: Why use a Book Trailer?

A: Book trailers boost your book's exposure. They can effectively help:

  • generate more leads and sales
  • establish a unique connection with readers
  • promote your book in an original, stand-out way
  • increase your book’s ranking on Amazon
  • the visibility of your book
  • competitive edge
  • international presence
  • enliven your book launch.

Q: Who uses Book Trailers?

A: Writers of all genres use book trailers. Some famous authors who use book trailers include Bryce Courtenay, Kaz Cooke, Paul Jennings and Russell Brand.

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Q: How Are Book Trailers circulated?

A: Book trailers are predominantly viewed and shared on the internet. To best circulate your book trailer, we recommend uploading it to:

  • video sharing platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.)
  • book seller’s website
  • the book’s website
  • Amazon sales page
  • Goodreads
  • your publisher’s website

For maximum exposure and engagement, we also recommend your book trailer be:

  • shown at your book launch
  • added as a link to your  email signature.

Some bookstores are also happy to air book trailers, so don’t be afraid to ask them to add yours to the mix.

At Gothic Zen Studios, we have a soft spot for authors. As published writers ourselves, we genuinely want to help authors get noticed and understand the book trailer process. Our in-depth knowledge of both the publishing and film industries gives us a unique understanding of how to combine a book’s storyline, with images and audio, to connect with a viewer in an emotive and persuasive way. Click here to get a quote for YOUR book trailer.

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