Script to Screen adaptations are more sought after than a pair of Gucci jeans on sale for $10. Yep, they're that popular. So how do you get recognised?

Many success stories tell of a popular novel being adapted for on-screen. But, alas, there are far more stories of writers who desperately yearn for their work to be recognised and adapted.

Enter, the Gold Coast Film Festival.

Thanks to popular demand, they recently held an exciting industry panel discussion at the Gold Coast Arts Centre focusing on this very topic. Bestowing their wisdom was big time Aussie film director, Rachel Perkins, as well as author turned screenwriter, Sue McPherson. Hearing each creative speak about their passion for script to screen adaptations was truly inspiring.

Rachel Perkins gave an honest account of how confronting and rewarding it is to convert a book into a film. Her recent production, Jasper Jones, formed the basis for most of her accounts. It was refreshing to learn she prefers to have input from the author to ensure the re-telling is as true to the story as possible.

Sue McPherson with Goran, our Creative Director

Sue McPherson with Goran, our Creative Director

She McPherson rocked our world!

This humble indigenous writer penned Grace Beside Me, and is now talk of the town thanks to her collaboration with NITV, ABC and Disney. By her own admission, the journey has been difficult. It began when she entered a Screen Australia competition and won the privilege, along with 2 other writers, to work as a screenwriter to create the on-screen version of her YA novel. She’s learned so much about writing, and continues to learn valuable tips about how to write a tight script that both works on-screen and honours her original work. She notes that working collaboratively has been one of the keys to her success as a screenwriter. 

The topic of script to screen adaptions is close to our hearts.

In case you didn’t know, our Creative Director, G, has penned a novel, Acupuncture of The Mind, that is due for release in mid-to-late 2017. The long term intention is to see this novel adapted for on-screen, potentially into a television series format. The writing of this book began a good decade ago, with the events that inspired it starting long before that. This work is a labour of love, sometimes madness, and it was written with clear purpose and intent. Its paranormal themes will be too confronting for some; but, that’s no deterrent.

Our film production skills place us in a very fortunate position. With insider knowledge and industry connections, there’s no doubt we have a leg up in achieving this adaptation. However, in such a fickle industry, we are acutely aware that these opportunities are as coveted as those $10 Gucci jeans.

Events that encourage writers and filmmakers are vital for the creative industries. They offer inspiration, insight and tangible stories that clarify the best ways to move forward. The Gold Coast is fortunate to host these types of supportive events. It’s our hope that the more isolated areas of Australia also get the opportunity to connect with inspiring resources that help them create their dreams.

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