Unless you live under a rock, you'll have noticed that social media videos are extremely popular. In fact, they're getting so much traction that they’re passing written content in the popularity stakes. As filmmakers, we love this and encourage anyone advertising something to jump on the band wagon. BUT, before you do it's essential you consider how to make a social media video look professional.

Simply grabbing your smart phone, taking a few photos of your product, whacking them into iMovie and then uploading it to FB is a great start - we commend you for your effort. However, the quality of your final social media video reflects on your business and people will (and do) judge if your video is kinda crap. It really is worth setting aside a little time to plan your video to make sure it's as strong, appealing and effective as it possibly can be.

So, if you genuinely want to make a good impression and are curious how to make a social media video look professional, here's what you need to consider.


1. Define your purpose

Do you want your video to educate, inspire, entertain or promote? Once you have this clear, it’s easier to plan your content and set design/location.


2. Consider your target audience

Who is the video aimed at? Think about who your ideal audience is and what appeals to them. There’s no use investing effort in creating a video if your preferred audience won’t watch it.


3. Have a plan

You don’t need to write a script verbatim, but you do need to think about your content. At the very least, write down in bullet points the information/topics/scenes you want to include. This will give you more flow and clarity when shooting your video, and it will also help simplify your editing.


4. Shoot in HD

High Definition videos are far easier to watch. They’re less grainy than their standard definition (SD) counterparts and are an easy way to add a polished finish to your video. Using either 720p or 1080p mode to shoot and export your video is recommended. These days, most smart phones are capable of filming in HD, so there’s no excuse for having a SD 480p video on YouTube.


5. Use a tripod

Nothing screams amateur louder than a video that’s consistently jerky or moving. Sure, some Hollywood movies use hand-held shots to create a certain vibe; but, unless you’re skilled with the camera, it’s best to use a tripod. Even a small hand-held tripod attached to a smart phone will give more stability than just holding the phone itself. Oh, and no a selfie stick is NOT a good choice.


6. Create eye-candy

Eye-candy refers to how your video looks. Generally, a video with well considered eye-candy is more engaging and holds viewers attention for longer. Consider these visual elements: location/set design, lighting, wardrobe, framing.


7. Audio

Unless you’re creating a silent movie, you must think about your audio. Make sure it’s clear and easily audible. Minimise background noise, static and the hum of air conditioners and you'll instantly raise the quality of your social media video.


That's it, folks. Now you know how to make a social media video look good - real good.

Yes, we understand there’s a lot to consider and it can sometimes be a little time consuming; but, that’s exactly why film production professionals (like us) exist. We can produce your social media video for you, leaving you free to focus on what’s most important to you. So, if following these 7 steps feels a little overwhelming, feel free to contact us for help with creating your social media video. It's often more cost effective than you think.

Good luck and we look forward to watching  and sharing your social media videos!

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