Do your social media videos suck? By suck we mean - boring, unsharable or have no comments or Likes.

If you're a business or brand trying to get traction, sucky social media videos are a problem. Especially if they're filmed and/or edited poorly.

Yes, we understand it feels icky to put yourself in the sucky social media video category, but as they say - recognising you have a problem is the first step to fixing it. So, congrats - you're now on the right path.

The first step in your social media video rehab is to realise why it's worthwhile spending time creating videos at all. The list of benefits is longer than your Grandma's shopping list; but, some of them include teaching your viewers to:

  • trust you
  • remember you
  • buy from you
  • commission your services
  • listen to and support your message
  • say 'OMG, I totally love what you're saying. Please take my money NOW'.

These videos are actually a gift that keeps on giving, as good social media content is something you can reuse over and over again - without having to do any extra work. And as a business owner, we know you like that!?

So, exactly how do you make a social media video that doesn't suck and that looks professional?

Simply grabbing your smart phone, taking a few photos of your product, whacking them into Windows Movie Maker and then uploading it to FB is an ok start - high fives for your effort. But, remember that the quality of your video reflects on your business and people will (and do) judge if your video is kinda crap.

The key to fixing this is to set aside a little time to properly plan your video. Here's what you'll need to think about during your planning.

1. Define your purpose

Decide if your video will

a) educate

b) inspire

c) entertain

d) promote.

Once you've decided this, it’s easier to get clear on the elements you need to share and how your video is best structured.


2. Consider your target audience

Who do you ideally want to watch your video? Think about your target viewers - what appeals to them and what problem can you fix? There’s no use investing effort, time and money in creating a video if your preferred audience won’t watch it.


3. Scripts & Storyboards

You don’t need to write a script verbatim or create a super comprehensive storyboard. But you do need to think about your content. At the very least, write in bullet points the information/topics/scenes you want to include. This will give you more flow and clarity when shooting your video, and it will also help simplify your editing.


4. Shoot in HD

High Definition videos are much more engaging. They’re less grainy than standard definition (SD) and are an easy way to add a polished finish to your video. We recommend using either 720 or 1080 mode to shoot and export your video. These days, most smart phones are capable of filming in HD, so there’s no excuse for releasing SD 480 video.


5. Use a tripod

Nothing screams amateur louder than a video that’s consistently jerky or moving. Sure, some Hollywood movies use hand-held shots to create a certain vibe; but, unless you’re skilled with the camera it’s best to use a tripod. Even a small hand-held tripod attached to a smart phone will give more stability than just holding the phone itself.


6. Create eye-candy

Eye-candy refers to how your video looks. It's the colour, set design, location, lighting, framing, makeup, wardrobe you're using. If you use eye-candy well, your videos are a be-gillion times more engaging and will hold your viewers attention for longer.


7. Audio

Unless you’re creating a silent movie, you must think about your audio. It needs to be clear, free of distracting noises and have enough volume to it. You can do this using an external microphone to record your audio, e.g. shotgun mic, Zoom field mic. Also, minimising background noise, static and the hum of air conditioners can instantly raise the quality of your social media video. NB: Editing is often needed to fix these issues if they've been included in your recordings.


Congratulations, you've now completed social media video rehabilitation. With a little practice, we trust that sucky social media videos will become a thing of the past for you.


P.S. If you're feeling overwhelmed by these 7 steps, you're not alone. Creating videos isn't within everyone's zone of genius - and that's ok. In fact, that's precisely why we (Gothic Zen Studios) exist. We're here to save you time and do the heavy content creation lifting for you. If you want to save time and feel free to focus on other parts of your business, contact us and we'll make sure your social media videos don't suck.

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