Rado - what? Rad-o-van-o-vich. You might want to remember this name because his contributions to the foreign film circuit are pretty special.

Ok, let's get real. Hands up - who likes foreign films?

If you said 'yes', we're totally with you. For us, a good foreign film lifts us from our seat and transports us to another location. The languages, the cultures, the clothes, the food - all of it stimulates our brain and teaches us something we didn't know before we hit the play button.

Emerging from the final credits with a more open mind and heart, and a burning to desire to pack a bag and travel, is the experience a good foreign film provides. (Ok, sometimes these films are about tragic, war-torn circumstances, and obviously we don't want to pack a bag after watching these. But we still benefit from watching them).

From a filmmaking perspective, foreign films (aka, non USA or Australian) generally push the boundaries and have little interest in non-confronting topics. They feel different because they embrace emotive storylines, daring plot twists and conversational themes that many mainstream English filmmakers simply won't touch. Although, this does seem to be slowly changing - thankfully.

Our love of foreign films recently took us to the annual Serbian Film Festival. What an awesome event! With European food (OMG, we love cevapi!!), spirited people and the best in Serbian cinema on offer, we were happier than a yogi chanting in the lotus position.

Full disclosure.

We're probably a little biased towards Serbian culture. Goran and I holidayed there recently, and we have heritage in the country. So, yes we have a soft spot for Serbia, but the film festival genuinely tickled us in all the right places.

The highlight of the evening was Enclave, the showcase film of the festival. It’s a highly emotive story about hardships, growing up, and survival. It had an strong impact on us, and we're not the only one's. Enclave is in the running to win an Oscar this year!

Meeting the Director

Goran Radovanovic is the Serbian writer and director who crafted this masterpiece. He’s well-known in Serbia and already has a santa's sack full of accolades for his work.

We were stoked to meet Mr Radovanovic at the festival opening. He was kind enough to share his time and talk about the process of crafting Enclave. His humble nature and genuine love of filmmkaing makes him one of the great foreign filmmakers.

The Serbian Film Festival returns each year. If you love foreign films, are a fan of Serb culture, or are craving a new experience, we highly recommend you visit the next Serbian Film Festival. You might see us there. πŸ™‚

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