Marketing Your Book

Let’s face it, being a self-published author is a lot of work.

Writing is no longer your only task. All the other bits needed to get your book published, and into the hands of readers, are your responsibility too.

At Gothic Zen Studios, we’re committed to helping you - a self-published author - sell more books. As writers ourselves, we understand the rigmarole involved, which is why we love supporting indie authors. Check out our services below and drop us a line if you’d like a quote or more info.


Book Trailers

A Book Trailer is a short video that promotes the release of your book. It highlights your book’s story and connects with viewer's emotions, persuading them to purchase.

Read this if you’re new to Book Trailers


Author Interviews

Yes, it’s your turn to be in the spotlight! No, it’s not scary - you’ll be in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. Just be yourself as we capture on film your book’s story and your inspiration for writing it. Use to pitch to potential publishers, or for marketing via your website, social media, YouTube.


Book-to-script classes

Learn how to turn your book in to a professional TV or film script.

Your teacher will be Goran, a qualified film professional, published author and experienced scriptwriting lecturer.

Delivered as 2x 2 hour, one-on-one classes (in person or online) to give you the best chance of success.