Gothic Zen Studios is a small film production house on the Gold Coast that was founded by us – Goran and Clare, a husband and wife team.

We are award-winning content creators, cinematographers, writers, photographers and educators.

Our intuitive filmmaking approach is reflective of our personalities, and ensures we stay adaptable during the filming and editing process. This workflow, combined with consideration for our client's needs, allows us to consistently craft productions that evoke emotion and engage viewers.

We are constantly experimenting with cameras, lighting, fresh editing techniques and collaborating with other innovative thinkers. For us, staying current with industry changes is important; however, keeping ahead of the curve is our goal as this allows us to better serve your needs.


About Goran & Clare

Goran: I draw inspiration from the old masters of cinematography, and combine this knowledge with modern approaches. My focus is, and always will be, on the best way to tell a story. Psychological realism is my native writing style, and I am a published author with my 2nd novel about to be released. My literary journey led me to film, as I questioned how I could express my fictional worlds in a visual format. Recognising film as my answer, I now hold a Bachelor of Film Production and share my knowledge via a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

Clare: One of my fondest childhood memories is getting together with local kids to create short tv shows. My main roles were organising and directing, and we'd use an old camcorder to capture our creations. I wish I knew where those videos are now. My next foray in the world of film was when I got my first job, which was in a video store. I remember how I adored being surrounded by so many movies and thinking to myself that I loved the job so much I'd do it for free. Of course, I never told my boss this. As an early adult, I somehow forgot my interest in film and instead pursued a career in natural medicine, qualifying as a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist. I loved the industry for about 15 years, particularly when I was the writer/editor for international health magazines and newsletters. Soon enough, my creative drive got the better of me and persuaded me to change industries. At first, I thought I'd shift to a writing career and qualified as a Professional Writer and Editor. Then, I realised my future was in film and, thanks to training, on-the-job experience and an undeniable passion to create, I've now carved a place for myself in the industry. My natural flair is for organising, communicating and paying attention to the finer details.

Thank you to all our clients – local, international, creative and corporate – for inspiring us. We've learned from each of you, and wish you only the best. To all our future clients, we look forward to connecting with you soon.


WHY are we called Gothic Zen?

Gothic refers to the hauntingly-beautiful architecture found throughout Europe. Created to symbolise a bridge that connects one world to another, this architectural style inspires us to deliver more than just ordinary productions.

Zen relates to infinite potential.

Therefore, the name Gothic Zen Studios honours the mysterious individuality that lives within us all.

Want to work with US?

Great experience with a professional couple. More than helpful with our requirements. Finished product was fantastic.
— Kathy, Gold Coast