You could say we’re not your average film production team.

At Gothic Zen Studios, we don’t believe in stale, cookie-cutter ideas, nor do we use outdated formulas that create average results. Instead, we toss stale cookies in the bin and opt for original concepts and production methods.

This is why our clients are notoriously happy. Because they’re receiving unique productions that cater to their individual needs and target market.

As award-winning content creators, as well as cinematographers, educators, published authors and qualified filmmakers, we know that effective productions connect with your tribe AND take an ‘ahead of the curve’ approach. That’s what makes them watchable, memorable, effective.

One of our secrets is mixing a little Yin with Yang in the production office, as Gothic Zen studios is founded by us – Goran and Clare, a husband and wife team with a passion for creating.

Another secret is trusting our intuition. If we’re on-set or in the editing suite and intuition says “Holy coconuts, this idea could be awesome. Let’s try it!”, we generally go with it (if it’s practical and within budget, of course).

Experimenting with cameras, lighting, fresh editing techniques and collaborating with other innovative thinkers fills our down-time. For us, staying up with industry trends is as important as the filmmaking techniques used by filmic masters.

When you work with us, you'll see this synergy creates original concepts and final productions that naturally connect with those who get your vibe.


WHY are we called Gothic Zen?

Gothic refers to the hauntingly-beautiful architecture found throughout Europe. It was created to symbolise a bridge that connects one world with another, which inspires us to deliver more than ordinary productions.

Zen simply relates to infinite potential.

In essence, Gothic + Zen honours the divine and mysterious individuality that lives within us all.


Good Vibes

Great experience with a professional couple. More than helpful with our requirements. Finished product was fantastic.
— Kathy, Gold Coast